Monthly Archives: May 2011

State Agriculture Mechanics Career Development Event

Nolan Elsasser completes the outdoor practicum portion of the Surveying phase of the Agr. Mechanics Career Development.

Mitchell Hulsey prepares to enter a booth to begin his lab practicum during the welding phase of the State Agr. Mechanics CDE at the University of Illinois.


Introduction to Agriculture Semester Exam

Students in the Introduction to the Agriculture Industry class identify tools and equipment as a portion of their semester exam.

Agriculture Construction Technology Semester Exam

Students in the Agriculture Construction class work on a hands-on semester exam involving electrical wiring and welding exercises completed during the semester class.

Section 3 FFA Awards Banquet

Nolan Elsasser accepts the team plaque for Dairy Cattle Judging and Michael Forstrom accepts the team award for Agriculture Mechanics at the Section 3 FFA Banquet at Geneseo. In the photo, attending the banquet were (l to r): Ian Davis, Nolan Elsasser, Michael Forstrom, and Mitchell Hulsey.

2011 Petting Zoo Expo

FFA members and High School students provided animals and equipment for the second annual Petting Zoo and Agriculture Expo at Stark County High School. Elementary children from grades Pre – Kindergarten to second grade toured the agriculture department throughout the day.

Wind Energy Lab

Students in Agriscience class construct wind towers testing variables such as blade material, blade length, and number of blades and their effect on voltage output. Also with a light being used as a load on the circuit we can measure amperage along with voltage and calculate power in watts.


Nutrition of Baby Chicks Lab

Students in Agriscience and Animal Science conduct an experiment feeding baby chicks different levels of protein in their diets. The chicks are split into two groups with one group receiving a 20% protein chick starter feed and the other group receiving a 16% hen layer ration. The group with the higher protein level had higher increases in weight by nearly 30%.