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2017 Syringe Hydraulic Robot Project

2017 Agriculture Career Program – Cambridge FFA Alumni and BHE

2017 Day in the Life of Agriculture Program

Students from Stark County, Cambridge, Wethersfield, AlWood, and Geneseo learned about careers in the agriculture industry and participated in hands-on activities in Natural Resources, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agriculture Mechanics, and Agriculture Business at Black Hawk East College. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge FFA Alumni and Black Hawk East.


2017 Introduction to Agr. Industry – CO2 Dragsters

Students in the Introduction to the Agriculture Industry class conduct an engineering unit designing CO2 Dragsters and conducting time trials. Students use the data to calculate speed and acceleration of the dragsters in feet/second, miles/hour, centimeters/second, and kilometers/hour.

img_2536 img_2535 img_2534

2016 Introduction to Agr. Industry – Adirondack Chair

In an effort to get the new students acclimated to the shop and the safe use of tools, each student constructed a pair of sawhorses and a adirondack chair.


2016 Syringe Hydraulic Robot Project – Introduction to the Agriculture Industry

Work = Force x Distance

Power = Work / Time

Horsepower = power / 550 ft.-lbs. per second

Horsepower = power / 33000 ft.-lbs. per minute


Introduction to the Agriculture Industry – Bridge Design (Engineering)


IMG_1764 IMG_1765

2016 Agriscience Bridge Design Lab (Free Span Structure)

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2016 Introduction to the Agr. Industry – CO2 Dragster Lab

Introduction to the Agriculture Industry students construct individual and group cars using balsawood and pine body blanks. Students conduct time trials and calculate speed, acceleration, power, and horsepower of the dragsters.

IMG_1654[1] IMG_1647[1] IMG_1656[1] IMG_1653[1] IMG_1652[1] IMG_1650[1]

2015 Sawhorse Project – Introduction to the Agriculture Industry

Students in Introduction to the Agriculture Industry class learn how to use hand and power tools safely and apply those concepts to construction of a pair of sawhorses using as many different tools  as possible in the process. Students also practice ruler measurement, bill of materials, and cutting lists for construction projects.

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