Monthly Archives: March 2011

DNA Extraction Lab

BSAA Plant Science students extract DNA from strawberries as part of a Heredity and Reproduction Unit.


Bridge Design Lab

Introduction to the Agriculture Industry students measure and design bridges to withstand the highest amount of load before breaking as part of a unit on Loads, Loading, and the Design of Free Span Structures in Agriculture Engineering.

Genetics Lab

Students in the BSAA Plant Science use paper clip chains to represent strands of chromosomes. A paper clip represents a gene on the chromosome. Dominant and recessive genes are represented and the resulting genotype and phenotype of the new organism are identified as lab data.

2011 FFA Awards Banquet

2010-2011 Officer Team (l to r): Reporter Nolan Elsasser, Secretary Jenna Loudenburg, President Michael Forstrom, Vice President Clayton Ryan, Treasurer Kevin Baumann, and Sentinel Colton Schmitt.

2011 Star Chapter FFA Member Award Winners (l to r): Nolan Elsasser, Elizabeth Heaton, Clayton Ryan, and Kevin Baumann.

2011 Star Greenhand Award Winners ( l to r): Brandon Humes, Braden Mallery, and Lucas Krans. Not pictured is Blaze Porter.

Three Chapter Presidents from the same family include Michael, John, and Matt Forstrom.

District 1 FFA Proficiency Awards

Nolan Elsasser of the Stark County FFA Chapter wins the District 1 Proficiency Award in the area of Grain Production Entrepreneurship March 16 at Geneseo High School. Nolan advances to State competition on April 2 at the University of Illinois.

Kevin Baumann of the Stark County FFA Chapter places third at District 1 FFA Proficiency Awards in Dairy Production Entrepreneurship.

Kevin Baumann (left) in Dairy Production and Nolan Elsasser in Grain Production.

Nolan and Kevin wait for their interviews during the District Proficiency Awards at Geneseo.

BHE Livestock Invitational

Elizabeth Heaton competed in the Reasons Division for the Henry/Stark 4-H team and Tucker Nelson and Ethan Ely competed in the Questions Division for SCHS at the BHE Invitational. Also judging were Bruce Appenheimer, Brandon Shults, and Trevor Nelson.


Soil Testing Lab

Students conduct tests on soil samples for levels of pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the BSAA Plant Science class.

Plant Tissue Testing Lab

Students in the BSAA Plant Science class at Stark County High School test samples of plant tissue for levels of Nitrate Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium nutrients.

pH of Common Substances Lab

Students in BSAA Plant Science measure pH of common household substances using test strips and the pH scale to identify acidic, basic (alkaline), and neutral substances.