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2016 FFA/Student Council Donkey Basketball

FFA and Student Council co-sponsored a donkey basketball tournament at the Stark County Athletic Complex in Wyoming, Illinois. Proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Student Council Hope Week Project for St. Jude Research. FCCLA emerged as the tournament champion over teams from FFA, Student Council, and the Toulon Fire Department.

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2016 FFA Envirothon – Black Hawk East


Stark County FFA members participating in the Envirothon are (l to r): Adam Irving, Ethan Scholl, Trace Tuthill, Mike Steelman, Katie McCauley, Jon Rummerfield, Hudson Elsasser, Bailey Real, Rylen Roberts, and Drew Ford.

Stark County Team #1 placed sixth overall, second in the Section 3 FFA competition, and first in the county competition at the 2016 Land Use Council 2 Envirothon. Team members are (l to r): Trace Tuthill, Ethan Scholl, Bailey Real, Hudson Elsasser, and Jon Rummerfield. Stark County Team #1 also placed first in the Aquatics Division of the Envirothon.

2016 FFA Awards Banquet


Star Award winners for Stark County at the 2016 FFA Awards Banquet were (l to r): Star Farmers Hudson Elsasser and Ethan Scholl, Star Agribusiness Teresa Heuermann, Star Agricultural Placement Jessica Purdy, and Star Greenhand Katie McCauley.



2015/2016 Stark County FFA officers recognized at the 2016 Awards Banquet were; (l to r) Secretary Cobe Miller, Vice-President Hudson Elsasser, President Tyler Gosnell, Treasurer Trace Tuthill, Reporter Ethan Scholl, and Sentinel Caleb Davis.

Banquet Results:

Appreciation Awards: Kevin and Joyce Scholl, Ross Elsasser

Star Chapter Farmers: Hudson Elsasser and Ethan Scholl

Star in Agribusiness: Teresa Heuermann

Star in Agricultural Placement: Jessica Purdy

Star Greenhands: Katie McCauley, Ty Schierer, and Keegan Gerard.

Scholarship Pins: Bradon Ely, Cade Tuthill, Teresa Heuermann, Ethan Scholl, and Trace Tuthill.

Leadership Pins: Ty Schierer, Katie McCauley, Caleb Davis, Mike Steelman, and Hudson Elsasser.

Greenhand Pins: Ty Schierer, Bradon Ely, Katie McCauley, Allison Gosnell, Keegan Gerard, Rylen Roberts, Sarah Pike, Makenzie Snyder, Wyatt Schupp, and Lily Snider.

Chapter Degree Pins: Cammille Gaspard, Katie McCauley, Adam Irving, Ashley Gale, Sarah Pike, Makenzie Snyder, Emily Fairfield, Sydney Kunzle, Ariel Harlan, Mitchell Herridge, Cole Goodell, Drew Ford, Kaylynn Steelman, Ethan Scott, Cade Tuthill, Bryce LaFollett, and Wyatt Schupp.

Proficiency Awards: Landscape Management – Jessica Purdy; Small Animal Care and Management – Teresa Heuermann; Vegetable Production – Ethan Scholl; Grain Production, Oil Crop Production, and Diversified Crop Production – Hudson Elsasser.

District FFA Proficiency Awards – Geneseo High School

Ethan Scholl, Hudson Elsasser, Teresa Heuermann, and Jessica Purdy submitted entries for the Section Proficiency Awards at Geneseo High School. Ethan entered Vegetable Production, Hudson Elsasser entered Grain Production, Oil Crop Production, and Diversified Crop Production. Teresa Heuermann won Small Animal Care and Jessica Purdy won in Landscape Management.



Agriscience 2016 – Starch Digestion by Enzyme Action and Absorption of Nutrients Labs


Agriscience students conduct experiments demonstrating how the amylase enzyme in saliva assists in the digestion of starches into sugar. The absorption lab uses dialysis tubing to simulate the absorption of nutrients by the small intestine.

Introduction to the Agriculture Industry – Bridge Design (Engineering)


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FFA/Agriculture Legislative Day

FFA members from across the State of Illinois descend upon the State Capitol to express appreciation for funding of agriculture education in the State of Illinois.


Section FFA Veterinary Science and Food Science CDEs

Section III Veterinary Science Results
March 2, 7 schools, 38 individuals

Host: Geneseo  Site: Bureau Valley
1-Orion 1083
3-Cambridge 764
4-B.Valley 739
5-Sherrard 724
6-Stark County 668
7-Geneseo 267
Top Individuals:
1-Courtney Wiedenmann 311 Orion
2-Ellie Korthals             267 Geneseo
3-Betany Zmuda           264 Orion
4-Breslin Crose             258 Orion
5-Kaitlyn Seabloom     250 Orion
6-Avery Bergeson        248 Cambridge
7-Kristin VanDeVelde 239 Galva
8-Vanessa Bucher        218 Sherrard
9-Tanner Klein             218 Galva
10-Stephanie Gripp     214 B.V.

Food Science Results
Host: Bureau Valley
Teams: 2
Individuals: 8
Team Results:
1. Bureau Valley –  811pts
2. Stark County – 420 pts
1. Chase Gripp –        BV 174 pts
2. Lexie Jacobs         BV 171 pts
3. Lexi Ryan              BV 162 pts
4. Katie McCauley    Stark County154 pts
5. Katie Smith           BV 135 pts
6. Bethany Swanson BV 133 pts
7. Thomas Brummel BV 124 pts
8. Sydney Sweenie    BV 106 pts