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2017 Agriscience Wind Power Labs

Agriscience students conduct a Wind Power Lab using miniature wind turbines that will determine the effect of number of blades, length of blades, and pitch (angle) of the blades in measuring voltage and amperage and the calculation of power output.

2017 Syringe Hydraulic Robot Project

2017 Agriculture Career Program – Cambridge FFA Alumni and BHE

2017 State of the District Program


Stark County students and FFA members Katie McCauley, Makenzie Snyder, and Bradon Ely demonstrated the Wind Turbine and Syringe Robot Hydraulic Labs at the State of the District program.

2017 Day in the Life of Agriculture Program

Students from Stark County, Cambridge, Wethersfield, AlWood, and Geneseo learned about careers in the agriculture industry and participated in hands-on activities in Natural Resources, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agriculture Mechanics, and Agriculture Business at Black Hawk East College. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge FFA Alumni and Black Hawk East.


2017 Agriscience Simple Machines Lab Exam

Student groups in Agriscience conduct a lab exam that involves setting up levers, pulleys, wheel and axle, and inclined planes to determine effort force needed to move a resistance load and calculate the mechanical advantage of the machine.

img_2531 img_2532

2017 Agriscience Simple Machines – Pulleys Lab

img_2520 img_2522 img_2521

Stark County Agriscience students set up different pulley designs to compare the effort force needed to lift a resistance load and calculate the mechanical advantage of the pulley design.

2016 Agriscience – Linear and Nonlinear Relationships Lab

IMG_2023 IMG_2022 IMG_2021

2016 Agriscience -Nutrition of Chicks Lab

The Agriscience classes conduct an experiment analyzing the effect of two different levels of protein feed on the growth of two groups of baby chicks. One group is fed an 18% crude protein feed and the other group is fed a 16% crude protein layer ration. The chicks are weighed daily and the average group weight is calculated for each group of chicks.

DSC00180 DSC00181

DSC00182 DSC00183 DSC00185

2016 BSAA Plant Science – Floating Leaf Discs (Photosynthesis)



BSAA Plant Science conducts an experiment using baking soda solution and plastic syringe to draw all the air out of a leaf disc causing it to sink in solution. Lamp supplies light energy to stimulate the photosynthetic process to produce oxygen in the leaf disc  causing the disc to float again.