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Section FFA Land Use Career Development Event






Team Results:

Sherrard             892

Galva                   868

Alwood               770

Bureau Valley  734

Stark County    724

Geneseo             712

Orion                   668

Kewanee             582

Cambridge         492

Princeton           432

Annawan            428

Individual Results:

Seth Strom             304              Galva

Pedro Avila            304              Sherrard

Dustin Jacobson   300             Galva

Tyson Schulte        300             Sherrard

Nolan Elsasser       292              Stark County

Wyatt Flickinger    288             Sherrard

Courtney Wilkens   288             Sherrard

Devon Peterson       284            Galva

Morgan Swarts         284            Sherrard

Samantha Haney      280           Bureau Valley



Micrometer and Caliper Measurement Lab

Collin Mills reads a measurement off the vernier caliper during a Agriculture Mechanics class. Measurements of small engine parts are taken with micrometers and vernier calipers.

Caliper and Micrometer measurement on Small Engine Parts

Forestry Career Development Event

Pacing and Compass,r:13,s:0&tx=60&ty=65

Stark County FFA  placed fifth at the Section 3 Forestry Career Development Event at Galva.

Nolan Elsasser and Pierce Brimmer complete the tree identification practicum of the Forestry CDE.

Mitchell Hulsey and Devin Ford work on the equipment identification practicum of the Section Forestry CDE.

Section 3 Forestry Career Development Event

September 27, 2011

Wiley Park – Galva, Illinois

Team Results:

1) Galva

2) Orion

3) Sherrard

4) Kewanee

5) Stark County

6) Alwood

Stark County Results:

Devin Ford 263, Pierce Brimmer 251, Dakota Kubiak 209, Mitchell Hulsey 167, Nolan Elsasser 157. Also participating were Colton Schmitt, Bruce Appenheimer, and Courtney Toland. CDE consisted of Tree Identification, Compass Reading, Equipment Identification, Chainsaw Parts Identification and a Written Exam.