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2017 Agriculture Career Program – Cambridge FFA Alumni and BHE


2017 Day in the Life of Agriculture Program

Students from Stark County, Cambridge, Wethersfield, AlWood, and Geneseo learned about careers in the agriculture industry and participated in hands-on activities in Natural Resources, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agriculture Mechanics, and Agriculture Business at Black Hawk East College. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge FFA Alumni and Black Hawk East.


2016 BSAA Animal Science – Nutrition of Chicks

BSAA Animal Science students conduct an experiment comparing two groups of baby chicks with the percentage of crude protein in their diet for a two week period of time. One group is fed a 16% protein layer ration and the second group is fed an 18%  protein chick starter ration.

img_2457 img_2463-1

2016 BSAA Animal Science – Animal Behavior – The Peck Order of Chicks

img_2464 img_2472


2016 Agriscience -Nutrition of Chicks Lab

The Agriscience classes conduct an experiment analyzing the effect of two different levels of protein feed on the growth of two groups of baby chicks. One group is fed an 18% crude protein feed and the other group is fed a 16% crude protein layer ration. The chicks are weighed daily and the average group weight is calculated for each group of chicks.

DSC00180 DSC00181

DSC00182 DSC00183 DSC00185

2016 BSAA Plant Science – Beehive Inspection

After discovering the queen bee had flown the hive, Mr. Curry found us a Illinois Queen Bee that we introduced to the hive on April 29 and we returned on May 12 to check her progress. The Queen is still alive and apparently very busy producing new brood for the colony. If the progress continues, we will attempt to split the colony in early June if she produces a young substitute queen to manage the new colony.

DSC00192 DSC00193


Section FFA Veterinary Science and Food Science CDEs

Section III Veterinary Science Results
March 2, 7 schools, 38 individuals

Host: Geneseo  Site: Bureau Valley
1-Orion 1083
3-Cambridge 764
4-B.Valley 739
5-Sherrard 724
6-Stark County 668
7-Geneseo 267
Top Individuals:
1-Courtney Wiedenmann 311 Orion
2-Ellie Korthals             267 Geneseo
3-Betany Zmuda           264 Orion
4-Breslin Crose             258 Orion
5-Kaitlyn Seabloom     250 Orion
6-Avery Bergeson        248 Cambridge
7-Kristin VanDeVelde 239 Galva
8-Vanessa Bucher        218 Sherrard
9-Tanner Klein             218 Galva
10-Stephanie Gripp     214 B.V.

Food Science Results
Host: Bureau Valley
Teams: 2
Individuals: 8
Team Results:
1. Bureau Valley –  811pts
2. Stark County – 420 pts
1. Chase Gripp –        BV 174 pts
2. Lexie Jacobs         BV 171 pts
3. Lexi Ryan              BV 162 pts
4. Katie McCauley    Stark County154 pts
5. Katie Smith           BV 135 pts
6. Bethany Swanson BV 133 pts
7. Thomas Brummel BV 124 pts
8. Sydney Sweenie    BV 106 pts

2015 Agriscience – Nutrition of Chicks Lab

Agriscience students conduct an experiment determing the effect of two different crude protein levels on the growth of baby chicks. The chicks are split into two groups, one group receives 18% protein chick starter grower and the other group is fed a 16% protein layer feed for older birds.

2015 Spring Beehive Inspection #2

Students in the BSAA Plant Science met with Alan Curry at Tuthill Farms to inspect the establishment of the new queen bee to the hives placed by the FFA. Evidence indicated the queen was accepted by the colony and we are checking on May 11 to see if she is laying eggs.

2015 Agriscience – Animal Biology – Absorption of Nutrients Lab

Agriscience students conduct an experiment demonstrating how the enzyme amylase in our saliva assists in the digestion of starch into sugar so the animal body can use the sugar for energy.

Starch Digestion Nutrient Absorption