Monthly Archives: May 2014

2014 Agriculture Construction Semester Exam

Stark County students in the Agriculture Construction class conduct a semester exam consisting of one wiring exercise and seven different arc and oxyacetylene welding exercises.

DSC01287 DSC01283 DSC01284 DSC01285 DSC01286

2014 Agriscience – Wind Power Labs

SCHS Agriscience students conduct a wind power lab collecting data on generation of voltage and amperage and the calculation of electrical power in watts. Variables under consideration are blade type, blade length, and blade pitch in determining the wind blade design that produces the highest amount of power.

Blade Types Blade Design Amps, Volts, and Watts

2014 Agriscience – Nutrition of Chicks Lab

Agriscience students conduct an experiment comparing the growth rates of two groups of baby chicks fed two different protein levels in their rations. One group received 16% protein layer ration and the second group received an 18% protein chick starter ration. The 18% protein group finished with a group average weight that was nearly 30 % higher than the 16% protein group after a two week period.

DSC00521 DSC00519 DSC00520

2014 FFA Petting Zoo Expo

Stark County High School students and FFA members conducted the annual petting zoo expo for area elementary children in the agriculture shop and school grounds.

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