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2015 Sawhorse Project – Introduction to the Agriculture Industry

Students in Introduction to the Agriculture Industry class learn how to use hand and power tools safely and apply those concepts to construction of a pair of sawhorses using as many different tools  as possible in the process. Students also practice ruler measurement, bill of materials, and cutting lists for construction projects.

IMG_1399 IMG_1400 IMG_1401

2015 Agriscience – Leaving the Leftovers Lab (Crop Residue and Water Infiltration)

Agriscience students at Stark County High School conduct an experiment to determine the effect of crop residue on the infiltration of water into the soil profile during a Land Use Capability Unit.

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2015 Agriscience – Down and Dirty Soil Water Movement Lab

IMG_1383 IMG_1384IMG_1389

Agriscience students set up an experiment to calculate water holding capacity (field capacity) different soil texture classes and calculate the percolation rate of water through the different texture types.

2015 Monsanto Fantasy Farming Yield Challenge

The moment you have all been waiting for…..

We have harvested all plots and calculated the results.  For the first time since we started the contest one school has won both categories Highest Yield and Most Profit.  Congratulations to the students at Monmouth-Roseville High School!I will be putting together a wrap-up of the results and my opinions/interpretations and will send it out to all of you very soon. THANK YOU to everyone for participating, and we hope to have you back next year!


School YIELD
Monmouth-Roseville 266.82
Clyde Miller Academy 253.37
Illini West 244.32
Sherrard 240.80
Rockridge 230.09
United 225.27
VIT 221.51
ROWVA 215.11
Cambridge 213.81
Mercer County 213.76
West Central 213.40
Riverdale 210.88
Abingdon-Avon 205.40
Geneseo 196.97
Stark County 188.76
Orion 185.44
Spoon River Valley 167.39


School Profit/Acre
Monmouth-Roseville $221.18
Sherrard $155.33
Illini West $146.77
Rockridge $145.22
United $130.26
Clyde Miller Academy $101.43
West Central $54.56
ROWVA $46.62
Riverdale $46.36
Cambridge $44.31
Mercer County $40.78
VIT $37.81
Abingdon-Avon $33.15
Stark County $26.45
Orion -$50.68
Geneseo -$70.53
Spoon River Valley -$124.87


Thank you all again,

Troy Coziahr


Learning Center Manager

Monmouth, IL

Fantasy Farming Challenge Results 2015

2015 Section FFA Land Use Career Development Event

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015
Host: Stark County FFA Chapter
Site: Kevin and Joyce Scholl’s Farm – Wyoming, Illinois
Schools: 12     Individuals: 145

Varsity Results – Teams

Orion                    788
Galva                    774
Cambridge         772
Sherrard             772
Princeton            730
Bureau Valley   698
Geneseo              688
Kewanee             638
Stark County     488 (2 individuals)
Annawan            432
AlWood               426
Riverdale            252 (1 individual)
Varsity Results – Individuals
Hannah Thompson         Cambridge         276
Lilah Flickinger               Sherrard             272
Trace Tuthill                    Stark County      272
Chase Gripp                    Bureau Valley     268
Michael Seabloom           Orion                  268
Wesley Tennant               Orion                   268
Samantha Schmidt          Galva                  268
Cole Wright                      Princeton            266
Megan Reed                     Cambridge          264
Kristen VanDeVelde          Galva                264
Greenhand Results – Teams
Cambridge          748
Orion                    670
Princeton            612
Geneseo               578
Kewanee              340
Greenhand Results – Individuals
Carter Snook           Cambridge              268
Danielle Adams       Cambridge              256
Brittany Underwood Cambridge          240
Zack Zwiszlein         Orion                        236
Gavin Minnaert         Geneseo                 224
Austin Reed              Cambridge              224
Cole Sullivan            Orion                        220
Lauren McMillen       Princeton             216
Cheyenne McElyea    Orion                     214
Lizzy Ratliff               Cambridge             212
Stark County FFA members participating in and/or assisting with the Land Use Career Development Event are: (l to r) Hudson Elsasser, Ethan Scholl, Mike Steelman, Caleb Davis, Bailey Real, Cobe Miller, and Trace Tuthill. Trace Tuthill placed third individually out of 145 individuals and Stark County placed ninth in the 12 team competition.

2015 Canton FFA Archery Invitational

Stark County places 6th at the Canton FFA Archery Invitational at the Black Diamond Range near Canton. Twelve teams competed with individuals shooting at 40 different 3D targets.

IMG_1311 IMG_1313 IMG_1316 IMG_1324