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2016/2017 Stark County FFA Officers

2016/2017 Stark County FFA Officers elected are (l to r): Vice President Cobe Miller, President Caleb Davis, Reporter Katie McCauley, Treasurer Samantha Wall, and Sentinel Mike Steelman. Not pictured is Secretary Jessica Purdy.



2016 Agriscience -Nutrition of Chicks Lab

The Agriscience classes conduct an experiment analyzing the effect of two different levels of protein feed on the growth of two groups of baby chicks. One group is fed an 18% crude protein feed and the other group is fed a 16% crude protein layer ration. The chicks are weighed daily and the average group weight is calculated for each group of chicks.

DSC00180 DSC00181

DSC00182 DSC00183 DSC00185

2016 BSAA Plant Science – Beehive Inspection

After discovering the queen bee had flown the hive, Mr. Curry found us a Illinois Queen Bee that we introduced to the hive on April 29 and we returned on May 12 to check her progress. The Queen is still alive and apparently very busy producing new brood for the colony. If the progress continues, we will attempt to split the colony in early June if she produces a young substitute queen to manage the new colony.

DSC00192 DSC00193


2016 FFA Petting Zoo

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