FFA Job Interview Career Development Event



What is it?


Choose this event to polish your skills in landing a job and launching your career. At the competition, each member submits a resume, completes a job application and participates in an interview via telephone, in person one-on-one and with a panel of possible employers.


Career Opportunities


Career Clusters:


§ Agricultural and Forestry Production

§ Management and Financial Specialties

§ Marketing, Merchandising and Sales Careers

§ Science and Engineering

§ Social Services

§ Education and Communication


Career opportunities found in the career cluster areas:


The Job Interview CDE can be applied to all of the career clusters, as all occupations require you to go through the interview process.


Educational Requirements


Regardless of the type of education one receives, the Job Interview CDE would be beneficial. In addition to being beneficial towards pursuing a career, interview skills can be applied too much more. Examples include applying for a scholarship where interviews are conducted, interviewing for a Chapter or State FFA officer, interviewing for a proficiency award, and countless other opportunities.


SAE Opportunities


Employment at the media and public relations booth at your county fairgrounds, conducting media interviews, preparing and editing news releases, job shadowing at a public relations firm, develop an FFA newsletter and conduct interviews with FFA members


Proficiency Award Areas


Agricultural Communications

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