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BSAA Plant Science DNA Extraction -Strawberry

BSAA Plant Science conduct the DNA extraction from strawberries during a recent class at SCHS.

2017 Agriculture Career Program – Cambridge FFA Alumni and BHE

2017 Day in the Life of Agriculture Program

Students from Stark County, Cambridge, Wethersfield, AlWood, and Geneseo learned about careers in the agriculture industry and participated in hands-on activities in Natural Resources, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agriculture Mechanics, and Agriculture Business at Black Hawk East College. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge FFA Alumni and Black Hawk East.


2016 BSAA Plant Science – Beehive Inspection

After discovering the queen bee had flown the hive, Mr. Curry found us a Illinois Queen Bee that we introduced to the hive on April 29 and we returned on May 12 to check her progress. The Queen is still alive and apparently very busy producing new brood for the colony. If the progress continues, we will attempt to split the colony in early June if she produces a young substitute queen to manage the new colony.

DSC00192 DSC00193


2016 BSAA Plant Science – Floating Leaf Discs (Photosynthesis)



BSAA Plant Science conducts an experiment using baking soda solution and plastic syringe to draw all the air out of a leaf disc causing it to sink in solution. Lamp supplies light energy to stimulate the photosynthetic process to produce oxygen in the leaf disc  causing the disc to float again.

2015 Spring Beehive Inspection #2

Students in the BSAA Plant Science met with Alan Curry at Tuthill Farms to inspect the establishment of the new queen bee to the hives placed by the FFA. Evidence indicated the queen was accepted by the colony and we are checking on May 11 to see if she is laying eggs.

2015 BSAA Plant Science – Photosynthesis (Floating Leaf Discs)

Students in the BSAA Plant Science class conduct an experiment demonstrating how oxygen is produced during photosynthesis causing a leaf disc to float. Initially the air is drawn out of the leaf disc using carbon dioxide water (baking soda) in a vacuum created inside a plastic disposable syringe (no needle).

Hudson Matt Data Collection

2015 Spring Beehive Inspection #1

BSAA Plant Science students met with local retired Stark County High School Biology Instructor Alan Curry to inspect the beehives established by the SCHS FFA at Tuthill Farms. Of the two hives, the one considered to be most vibrant last fall finds most of the hive dead and the hive under distress last fall has much more activity but we were attempting to locate the queen when class time ran out before we returned to school.


2015 BSAA Plant Science – Effects of Temperature on Seed Germination Lab

Effects of Temperature, Light, and Moisture DSC00639 DSC00638 DSC00637

2014 Agriscience – Leaving the Leftovers and Effects of Temperature on Seed Germination Labs

The “Leaving the Leftovers” Lab demonstrates how plant residue mixed into the soil profile by conservation tillage will increase water infiltration and reducing surface runoff and soil erosion levels. Effects of Temperature on Seed germination will examine the effect of cold, warm, and room temperature conditions n the germination of corn, soybean, and wheat seeds.

Problem, Hypothesis, and Design

Data collection Water Collection in Reservoir bare soil vs. residue mixed in