Monthly Archives: January 2012

Role of Embryo in Seed Germination Lab

Plant Science students conduct an experiment demonstrating the changes happening chemically in the embryo of corn ans wheat seeds.


CO2 Dragster Design and Testing Lab

Introduction to Agriculture Industry students design and construct dragsters out of balsawood and soft pine materials. They conduct time trials and calculate speed and acceleration.

Multimeter Tutorial

Simple Machines (Agriscience)

Students in Agriscience conduct a lab on first, second, and third class lever designs. The effort force needed to perform work is determined and the mechanical advantage of each lever design is calculated.

Agriscience class compares the mechanical advantage of different pulley designs.

Students set up and determine the reduction in effort force needed and the increase in mechanical advantage when using the wheel and axle and the inclined plane to lift objects.

Reading Architect Scales for Landscape Design

Designing and Conducting Agricultural Research

Students in BSAA Plant Science conduct an experiment determining if seeds soaked in aspirin and water germinate better compared to seeds soaked in water only.

BSAA Plant Science groups determine if different types of seeds absorb the same amount of water during the germination process demonstrating a type of agricultural research project. All steps of the scientific method are used throughout the experiment.