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2014 Agriscience – Wind Power Labs

SCHS Agriscience students conduct a wind power lab collecting data on generation of voltage and amperage and the calculation of electrical power in watts. Variables under consideration are blade type, blade length, and blade pitch in determining the wind blade design that produces the highest amount of power.

Blade Types Blade Design Amps, Volts, and Watts


Renewable Energy – Our Future

Life According to Bill Gates

Hey! It’s back to school time! Here is some constructive advice from Mr. Bill Gates. Enjoy!

Bill Gates’ Rules of Life

Wind Energy Lab

Students in Agriscience class construct wind towers testing variables such as blade material, blade length, and number of blades and their effect on voltage output. Also with a light being used as a load on the circuit we can measure amperage along with voltage and calculate power in watts.


Bridge Design Lab

Introduction to the Agriculture Industry students measure and design bridges to withstand the highest amount of load before breaking as part of a unit on Loads, Loading, and the Design of Free Span Structures in Agriculture Engineering.

Hydraulic Syringe Robot Lab

Introduction to Agriculture Industry students work on their ideas for the Syringe Hydraulic Robot Lab. Students will calculate work, power, and horsepower during the experiment.

Syringe hydraulic robot designed by Marcus Adams, Bruce Appenheimer, and Courtney Toland in second period Agriscience class.

Syringe hydraulic robot designed by Cody Price, Scott Copple, and Ryan Hansard.

New claw design by Nathan Turner, Dakota Kubiak, and Thad Ingels from second period Agriscience class as part of Physics and Physical Science Applications in Agriscience chapter.

Loads and Loading

Construction Materials Bulking of Sand

Force Tension Compression Shear and Torsion

Loads and Loading Designing a Free Span Structure


psaa bulking of sand worksheet

psaa fasteners worksheet

psaa loads and loading worksheet

psaa forces worksheet

Energy and Power Systems

Specific Heat

Generating an Electromotive Force

Controlling Electrical Current Circuits Conductors and Insulators

Resistance in Series and Parallel Circuits

Lubricating Oils Viscosity and Temperature

psaa conductors and insulators worksheet

psaa electromotive force worksheet

psaa oil viscosity worksheet

psaa resistance in series and parallel circuits worksheet

psaa specific heat worksheet

Power Transmission

Pressure-Volume Relationships-Boyle’s Gas Law

Mechanical Power Transmission

Hydraulic Power Transmission

psaa boyle’s law worksheet

psaa hydraulic power worksheet

psaa mechanical power worksheet

Soil Science

Surface Drainage Slope and Velocity of Overland Flow

Sedimentation Test of Soil Texture

Bulk Density of Soil

Soil-Water Reltionships Permeability and Drainability

Soil-Water Relationships Hydraulic Conductivity

Soil-Water Relationships Microirrigation

Conducting Soil Tests

Testing Common Substances for pH

psaa bulk density of soil worksheet

psaa ph of substances worksheet

psaa sedimentation test for soil texture

psaa slope and velocity of flow worksheet

psaa soil and water microirrigation worksheet

psaa soil tests worksheet

psaa soil permeability and drainability

psaa soil water hydraulic conductivity worksheet