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2016 FFA 212 Leadership Conference



2016 Introduction to the Agr. Industry – CO2 Dragster Lab

Introduction to the Agriculture Industry students construct individual and group cars using balsawood and pine body blanks. Students conduct time trials and calculate speed, acceleration, power, and horsepower of the dragsters.

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2016 Agriculture Construction Technology

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This semester course will concentrate on oxyacetylene welding and cutting exercises, arc welding, and MIG welding lab exercises. Students will gain training on the Realityworks Virtual Welding Simulator for Arc (Stick) Welding and Gas Metallic Arc Welding (MIG) in the classroom to analyze strengths and weaknesses in the lab portion of the course

The semester exam consists of students choosing seven welds from the Arc Welding list (SMAW), two welds from the MIG Welding list (GMAW), and five welds from the Oxyacetylene Welding list. The welds are completed during a 83 minute exam period.


Agriscience 2016 – Simple Machines Labs

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Agriscience classes cover a section on simple machines in agriculture in the unit Physical Science in Agriscience. Labs are conducted concerning the lever, pulleys, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw, and wedge. Students measure effort forces needed to complete work and calculate mechanical advantage of each simple machine.

Agriscience – Diffusion and Osmosis (Egg Lab)

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Students use eggs to simulate the osmosis of materials in and out of cells.

2015 Agriscience – Floating Leaf Disk Photosynthesis Lab

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Agriscience students conduct an experiment demonstrating photosynthesis in leaf disks. Leaf disks sink by extracting all air within a vacuum in a syringe. Light energy is used to produce oxygen in the leaf disks through photosynthesis causing the leaf disks to float in solution.