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2015 Agriscience – Wind Power Labs

Agriscience students conduct experiments with mini wind turbines as part of a Wind Energy unit to wrap up the school year. The lab involves analyzing variables such as blade material, number of blades, blade length, and blade pitch (angle). These variables are compared to find the maximum voltage and amperage produced by the turbine along with the calculation of power (wattage).

DSC00715 DSC00711 DSC00712 DSC00713 DSC00714

2015 Agriscience – Nutrition of Chicks Lab

Agriscience students conduct an experiment determing the effect of two different crude protein levels on the growth of baby chicks. The chicks are split into two groups, one group receives 18% protein chick starter grower and the other group is fed a 16% protein layer feed for older birds.

2015 Elementary Petting Zoo

baby chicks

DSC00710 DSC00706 DSC00707 DSC00708 DSC00709 chicks chicks2 chicks4

2015 Spring Beehive Inspection #2

Students in the BSAA Plant Science met with Alan Curry at Tuthill Farms to inspect the establishment of the new queen bee to the hives placed by the FFA. Evidence indicated the queen was accepted by the colony and we are checking on May 11 to see if she is laying eggs.