Monthly Archives: February 2011

Salinity and Seed Germination Lab

BSAA Plant Science students examine the effects of various salt levels on the germination and growth of corn, soybean, and wheat seeds. Salinty levels vary from 0 to 1.2 % and are usually caused by wide variety of sources including irrigation of land.


Geotropism Lab

Stark County BSAA Plant Science class places corn, soybean, and wheat seeds in petri dishes with wet paper towels. The petri dishes are placed in a box on edge. As the roots and shoots emerge, students sketch the direction of growth. Roots demonstrate positive geotropism (downward growth). Shoots demonstrate negative geotropism (upward growth). Halfway through the experiment, the dishes are turned upside down and the students check to see if the roots and shoots compensate for the change in direction.

National FFA Week 2011


Understanding Taxes – Agribusiness/Consumer Education

Students in the Agribusiness/Consumer Education class use the netbook computers to complete tutorials, simulations, and assessments from an IRS website on Understanding Taxes. Topics include payroll taxes and the W-4 withholding form, interest income, and identifying dependents and deductions.

Section FFA Proficiency Awards


(L to R) Elizabeth Heaton – 2nd in Beef Entrepreneurship, Nolan Elsasser- 1st in Grain Production, Kevin Baumann – 1st in Dairy Production, and Clayton Ryan – 3rd in Oil Crop Production.