FFA Forestry Career Development Event

What is the FFA Forestry Career Development Event?

Participate in this CDE to grow your skills in forestry management. At the competition, members complete a written exam, identify trees and forestry equipment, and are interviewed regarding forestry-related issues. They also demonstrate their skills in forest disorders, forest management, inventory and approved silviculture practices.

Career Opportunities

Career Clusters

Agricultural and Forestry Production

Management and Financial Specialties

Marketing, Merchandising and Sales

Science and Engineering

Education and Communication

Career opportunities found in the career cluster areas:

Agricultural and Forestry Production – forest ranger, log grader, lumber mill operator, timber manager, forester, forest fire fighter

Management and Financial Specialties – log exporter, Christmas tree farm manager

Marketing, Merchandising and Sales – forest products merchandiser

Science and Engineering – forestry scientist, resource economist, silviculturist, dendrologist

Education and Communication – postsecondary teacher, forest fire control tower communications

Educational Requirements

High School Diploma – lumber mill operator, forest fire fighter, forest fire control tower communications

Bachelor Degree – forest ranger, log grader, timber manager, forest products merchandiser, forester, Christmas tree farm manager, silviculturist, dendrologist

Graduate Degree – forestry scientist, resource economist, postsecondary teacher

SAE Opportunities

Chopping, selling, and delivering firewood, raising Christmas trees and selling them, employment at the U.S. Forest Service

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