Monthly Archives: March 2012

2012 Hydraulic Syringe Robot Project

Students in the Introduction to the Agriculture Industry conduct an engineering design project constructing a syringe hydraulic robot. Students begin with the same basic plan but allowed liberty in “tweaking” the design that works more efficiently. Students calculate scientific principles of work, power, and horsepower.


2012 FFA Awards Banquet


2012 Stacey Fairfield Memorial Scholarship Winners Nolan Elsasser and Elizabeth Heaton are congratulated by Ted Fairfield.

2011-2012 Officers (l to r): President Nolan Elsasser, Reporter Colton Schmitt, Secretary Blaze Porter, Sentinel Elizabeth Heaton, Vice President Clayton Ryan, and Treasurer Jon Hall.

2011-2012 Star Chapter FFA Members (l to r): Nolan Elsasser, Clayton Ryan, Elizabeth Heaton, and Colton Schmitt.2011-2012 Star Greenhand Award winner is Cody Scott.

2012 District FFA Proficiency Awards

Colton Schmitt (far left) places third in Oil Crop Production Entrepreneurship.

Nolan Elsasser wins the Distict 1 Award for Grain Production Entrepreneurship for the third consecutive year.

Clayton Ryan places second in Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship.

Section Proficiency Winners from Stark County are (l to r): Nolan Elasser in Grain Production, Clayton Ryan in Diversified Crop Production, and Colton Schmitt in Oil Crop Production.

Illinois Innovation Talent Project – Renewable Energy

The kickoff meeting on March 5, 2012 in the Stark County High School library for the IIlinois Innovation Talent Project on Renewable Energy Use sponsored by Illinois State University and Western Illinois University. Students from Physics, Computer Concepts, Agriscience, and the Scientific Research classes met to develop a list of items already known by the group and a list of items to find out more information concerning the uses and implementation of renewable energy resources in our school and community.