FFA Horse Career Development Event


In this CDE, you evaluate and rank horses on breed characteristics, conformation, and performance. Team members cooperatively complete problems related to equine selection, management, nutrition and production. They also give oral reasons explaining their placing of various classes.

Career Opportunities

Career Clusters:

Agricultural and Forestry Production; Management and Financial Specialties; Marketing, Merchandising, and Sales; Science and Engineering; Social Services; Education and Communication

Career opportunities found in the career areas:

Agricultural and Forestry Production – horse trainer, horse rancher, artificial breeding technician

Marketing, Merchandising, and Sales – equine sales, horse buyer

Science and Engineering – equine veterinarian, equine nutritionist, equine dentist

Education and Communication – postsecondary teacher

Educational Requirements

High School Diploma – horse trainer, horse rancher

Associate Degree (2 year degree) – artificial breeding technician

Bachelor Degree – equine sales, horse buyer

Graduate Degree – equine veterinarian, equine nutritionist, equine dentist, postsecondary teacher

SAE Opportunities

Employment at a horse stable, teach horse lessons and therapeutic horseback riding, employment at a park riding stable, teaching community about horses, raise breeding horses, showing horses, participate in rodeos

Proficiency Award Areas

Equine Science

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