Monthly Archives: May 2013

2013 Agriculture Construction Semester Exam

Agriculture Construction students take a semester exam consisting of three lab practicums. Students will complete welds for shielded metal arc welding and oxyacetylene welding. Students will also complete an electrical wiring lab exercise during the eighty three minute exam period.


Bridge Design – Introduction to Agriculture Industry

Introduction to Agriculture Industry student groups that completed data collection and design testing on the syringe hydraulic robot were able to design and test at least one bridge design from provided balsawood pieces. The bridge efficiency was determined by comparing the mass of the load the bridge held prior to breaking, to the mass of the bridge itself.

BSAA – Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab

BSAA Plant Science students conduct an experiment that extracts the DNA from a strawberry that students will be able to visually observe. These videos demonstrate some of the steps involved during the class period.

2013 Agriscience – Nutrition of Chicks Lab

Students in the Agriscience class at Stark County High School conduct an experiment analyzing the effect of different levels of protein on the growth of baby chicks. Chicks are split into groups, one group is fed a 20% protein feed and the other group is fed a 16% protein ration.  Weights are measured and recorded on each group for two weeks. Data is collected and graphed for analysis by the student groups.

BSAA – Transpiration of a Schoolyard Tree

Students in the Biological Science Applications in Agriculture – Plant Science course calculate the transpiration of a schoolyard tree lab. Students begin with an estimation of the number of leaves on the tree and then conduct the experiment  to determine the amount of transpiration that occurs from five leaves that are removed from the tree and placed in a test tube full of water.

2013 FFA Petting Zoo Expo

Students at Stark County High School provide animals and equipment for elementary children to view during the FFA Petting Zoo Agriculture Expo.

2013-2014 SCHS FFA Officer Team

President – Christian Morrissey

Vice President – Ian Davis

Reporter – Hudson Elsasser

Secretary – Blaze Porter

Treasurer – Trace Tuthill

Sentinel – Cody Scott