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2010-2011 SCHS FFA Officer Team

President – Michael Forstrom

Vice President – Clayton Ryan

Secretary – Jenna Loudenburg

Treasurer – Kevin Baumann

Reporter – Nolan Elsasser

Sentinel – Colton Schmitt

2010-2011 Section 3 FFA Calendar

Section 3 FFA Calendar of Events 2010-2011

Introduction to Animal Science



intro to animal science

2010 National FFA Week

2010 Petting Zoo Agriculture Expo

2009 National FFA Convention

Animal Products Processing

The Science of Curing Meats

Curing Ingredients in Meat Products

Water Binding in Meat

Salt as a Food Preservative

Pasteurized Milk as an Ecological System for Bacteria

Souring Milk

Yogurt Production

Plant Products Processing

Fuels from Crops

Testing for Carbohydrates Fats Proteins

Oxidative Rancidity

Controlling Molds with Food Preservatives

Testing for Food Additives

pH and Fermentation

Enzymatic Browning

bsaa fuel from crops worksheet

Healthy Plants

Plant Responses to Herbicide Applications

Regulating Plant Growth

Chapter 8 Transpiration

Transpiration in Plants