2017 BSAA Plant Science – Photosynthesis




BSAA Plant Science DNA Extraction -Strawberry

BSAA Plant Science conduct the DNA extraction from strawberries during a recent class at SCHS.

State IAVAT Poultry Career Development Event

2017 Section FFA Agriculture Mechanics CDE

(L to R: Michael Purdy-Welding, Bailey Real- Agr Power, Mike Steelman- Electricity, and Makenzie Snyder- Surveying)
Agriculture Mechanics CDE consists of a team of five members, each competing in their chosen area of carpentry, welding, agricultural power, surveying, or electricity. The top team and any first place individuals not on the first place team are eligible to compete at the state level at Parkland College in Champaign.
6 schools – 26 students – Host: Bureau Valley


1. Cambridge  325
2.Bureau Valley 322
3. Orion 294
4.Stark Co  259 (4 students)
5. Princeton 228
6. Kewanee  (2 students) 90
Ag Power
1. Tom Clifton  Orion 75
2.  Cole Wright Princeton 74
3.  Alix Olson Cambmridge 62
4. Drew Baker BV 58
5.  Baley Reel Stark Co 57
6. Bobby Ince Kewanee 39
1.  Caleb Franck  Cambridge 92
2.  Brandon Freed Orion 90
3.  Mike Steelman Stark Co 70
4. Princeton 54
5. Tanner Maynard BV 52
6.  Kewanee 51
1.  Colton Franck Cambridge 86
2.  Makenzie Snyder Stark Co 80
3. James Krieger  BV 65
4.  Taylor Walton Orion 21
5.  James Bickett Princeton 8
1.  Chase Gripp BV 91
2. Wyatt Martens Orion 63
3. Maddy Stevens Cambridge 53
4.  Princeton  52
1.Tyler Thompson  54
2.  Mike Purdy Stark Co 52
3. Wesly Tennant Orion 45
4.  Aaron Sears Princeton 40
5.  Laney Fuquay Cambridge 32

2017 Syringe Hydraulic Robot Project

2017 Agriculture/FFA Legislative Day

Agriculture/FFA Legislative Day at the State Capitol Building in Springfield gives Illinois FFA members the opportunity to thank legislators for their support of agriculture education and the FFA in Illinois. Stark County members met with Senator Chuck Weaver concerning his daily responsibilities representing the people of his legislative district. FFA members Colton Gallion, Gage Foglesonger, Katie McCauley, Cammille Gaspard, Mike Steelman, Sarah Pike, Jessica Purdy, Wyatt Bantz, and Adam Irving attended the event delivering commodity baskets and lunches to legislators and their staff.

2017 Agriculture Career Program – Cambridge FFA Alumni and BHE

2017 State of the District Program


Stark County students and FFA members Katie McCauley, Makenzie Snyder, and Bradon Ely demonstrated the Wind Turbine and Syringe Robot Hydraulic Labs at the State of the District program.

2017 FFA Awards Banquet

2017 District Proficiency Awards – Geneseo

Stark County FFA member won the Section FFA Proficiency Award for Landscape Management and placed third at District competition at Geneseo High School.