2017 Spring Semester H&R Block Budget Challenge (Agribusiness)

(L to R) Mikaela DeWolfe, Alexis Fritz, Bailey Real, Blue Breese, and Jessica Sears.

SCHS Students Participate in Budget Simulation


High school students are graduating without basic financial skills. As young adults, their first exposure to real-life situations can result in costly mistakes, overwhelming debt and an unstable financial future. Free to high school teachers and home school educators, the H&R Block Budget Challenge is a teacher-tested, online simulation tool that replicates real-world budgeting and personal finance decision-making. By simulating an adult’s financial life – paying bills, investing in retirement, managing loans and more – students take a personal finance “road test.” This learn-by-doing educational approach allows high school students to make real-world mistakes without facing real-world consequences. Through exposure to real-life personal finance situations, the H&R Block Budget Challenge equips teens with the skills, habits and confidence to manage their money wisely. The H&R Block Budget Challenge immerses students in the life of a recent college graduate who has been working for six months. Each participant receives a virtual salary and must make smart budgeting decisions regarding expenses, such as rent, utilities, car payments and more. Students are challenged to balance current and future financial needs and demonstrate resourcefulness, understanding and practical application of financial concepts. Students receive bills on a regular basis and must pay them on time, while maximizing savings via a virtual 401(k) and minimizing penalties such as late fees, overdraft fees or finance charges. The simulation includes realistic surprise scenarios and monetary challenges such as a car accident or lost cell phone. Participants earn bonus points for completing quizzes on personal finance topics such as interest or starting a 401(k). The Agribusiness/Consumer Education second semester class taught by Mr. Scott Fairfield participated in the simulation this spring semester and the top five scores in the classroom belonged to Blue Breese, Mikaela DeWolfe, Bailey Real, Jessica Sears, and Alexis Fritz.

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