2015 Monsanto Fantasy Farming Yield Challenge

The moment you have all been waiting for…..

We have harvested all plots and calculated the results.  For the first time since we started the contest one school has won both categories Highest Yield and Most Profit.  Congratulations to the students at Monmouth-Roseville High School!I will be putting together a wrap-up of the results and my opinions/interpretations and will send it out to all of you very soon. THANK YOU to everyone for participating, and we hope to have you back next year!


School YIELD
Monmouth-Roseville 266.82
Clyde Miller Academy 253.37
Illini West 244.32
Sherrard 240.80
Rockridge 230.09
United 225.27
VIT 221.51
ROWVA 215.11
Cambridge 213.81
Mercer County 213.76
West Central 213.40
Riverdale 210.88
Abingdon-Avon 205.40
Geneseo 196.97
Stark County 188.76
Orion 185.44
Spoon River Valley 167.39


School Profit/Acre
Monmouth-Roseville $221.18
Sherrard $155.33
Illini West $146.77
Rockridge $145.22
United $130.26
Clyde Miller Academy $101.43
West Central $54.56
ROWVA $46.62
Riverdale $46.36
Cambridge $44.31
Mercer County $40.78
VIT $37.81
Abingdon-Avon $33.15
Stark County $26.45
Orion -$50.68
Geneseo -$70.53
Spoon River Valley -$124.87


Thank you all again,

Troy Coziahr


Learning Center Manager

Monmouth, IL

Fantasy Farming Challenge Results 2015

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