Section FFA Forestry Career Development Event – 2013

Section 3 FFA Forestry Results – Galva Wiley Park

Place School Score
1st Galva 1206
2nd Sherrard 1042
3rd Orion 1000
4th Kewanee 890
5th Alwood 807
6th Stark Co. 554
7th Wethersfield 349
Place Score Name School
1st 423 Chris North Galva
2nd 414 Caleb Rux Galva
3rd 396 Amy Johnson Galva
4th 373 Isaac Goldner Sherrard
5th 369 Ryan Olson Galva
6th 359 Laurin Hopping Galva
7th 351 Levi Craft Sherrard
8th 347 Greta Rux Galva
9th 347 Alyssa Gustus Orion
10th 346 Ethan Coyne Sherrard

Host: Galva       Schools: 7          Students: 112

Map Reading DSC01123

SCHS Forestry team (l to r): Brock Stotler, Tony Rummerfield, Travis Bantz, Cody Scott, Mike Steelman, Kyle Ball, and Skylar Williamson. Forestry CDE involves a written exam, map reading, compass azimuth reading, equipment identification, and tree identification.

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